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Question : Magento: Get store contact telephone


Seems like it should be simple, but cant find a solution anywhere.
I need to output the Store Contact Telephone number,
which is in Store Informtion in the admin. System -> Configuration ->General(Tab) -> General -> Store Information

I need to output it in template files and CMS pages, what would the code be for each?

asked March 24, 2017

1 Answers

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Store contact telephone is a Core configuration setting, so it's saved in core_config_data table, and the phone information store in

So, all you need is to read the configuration data as

$storePhone = Mage::getStoreConfig('general/store_information/phone');

For CMS pages insert the following variable:

{{config path="general/store_information/phone"}}
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Answered 2 Years ago
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