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Question : How to add css class on body in Magento2


I am trying to add a css class on body tag but not able to find any file, from where the body tag is rendered.

I need to add one css class on body tag in PLP such as others are coming > page-with-filter page-products page-layout-2columns-left myclasshere

in previous version(Magento 1.x) below was the xml code to add class on body.

<reference name="root">
 <action method="addBodyClass"><classname>my-profile</classname></action>

I tried using this but it didn't worked.

I need to add one class with page-layout-2columns-left template only.

asked May 23, 2017

1 Answers

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In your layout file, you need to add an attribute to the body tag, like this:

    <attribute name="class" value="my-css-class"/>
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Answered More than a year ago
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