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Question : Can We Move Multiple Chrome Tabs to a New Window?

Drag a tab off the tab bar in Google Chrome and it turns into a brand new window.
Is there any way to replicate that trick with multiple tabs to easily break a grouping of tabs off into a new Chrome window?

asked July 22, 2015

1 Answers

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There are two method to do this things
By using Keyboard shortcut ( Ctrl+tabs or Shift+tabs )

Explain :

Method 1 :
1. Select the first tab
2. Hold Ctrl
3. Click on additional tabs you wish to move.
4. Release Ctrl
5. Drag the tabs to a new window or outside of the current window and a new window will automatically be created.

Method 2 :
You can also select ranges of tabs with Shift.

Just like selecting files in Windows Explorer,
you can use the Ctrl key to pick and choose or the Shift key to grab a whole chunk by selecting the first and last tab in the block you want.

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Answered 2 Years ago
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