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Disable LESS-CSS Overwriting calc()

Right Now I'm trying to do this in CSS3 in my LESS code:

width: calc(100% - 200px);

However, when LESS compiles it is outputting this:

width: calc(-100%);

Is there a way to tell

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Magento 2 - Keep Product Image Aspect Ratio

I'm working with Magento 2 Category Page.


But I couldn't know how to keep the product image aspect ratios.


In magento 1.x, I can get the image src to use below code.


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Show simple products reviews on configurable product detail page

I want to show reviews of simple products on configurable product's detail page(PDP).

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How to Import / Export a mysql database using the command line?

Import / Export a mysql database on the command line

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How to trigger the same function in jQuery multiple events ??

Is there any way to use multiple events(keyup, keypress,paste, blur, and change) for same function.

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How to check whether mod_rewrite is enable on server?

Whenever I tried to access the URL, it returns 404 - not found page.

I put the same codes at another server which is running with Apache. It's working over there. So I guess, it's the

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What is Secret Key?

In cryptography

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How to disable body scroll not hide the scroll?

I'm trying to disable the html/body scrollbar of the parent while I'm using a lightbox(popup).The main word here is disable I don't want to hide it with overflow: hidden;.

Why because

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How to get the focused element with jQuery?

Using jQuery, how can I get the input element that has focus?

Or in other words, how to determine if an input has the focus?

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Smooth scroll to specific div on click

What I'm trying to do is make it so that if you click on a button, it scrolls down (smoothly) to a specific div on the page.

What I need is if you click on the button, it smooth scrolls to the

Reveal Modal Goodness

This is a default modal in all its glory, but any of the styles here can easily be changed in the CSS.

This is just a simple modal with the default styles, but any type of content can live in here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi quis sem vel enim eleifend tristique. Etiam tincidunt faucibus pharetra.