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Automate your Testing with top iOS and Android Tools

In order to oblierate the chances of human errors which delay the development process we know have open source tools which have automated iOS and Android application development services.
We have now noticed that development cost has surpassed that of the testing and hence testing has grown to be the one of the most crucial development process. As per a Garnter report, IT will experience growth at a rate of 19% in the coming years due to investment on outsourcing. Thus, we are expecting to see a lot of investment in the near future in Outsource testing.
This helps you to overcome unnecessary deadline delays which in turn increases the cost of your development.

Those who wish to automate their testing can check out the different variety of tools which are paid and also open source which you can choose as per your wish as per your development needs. These tools definitely automate your development process but they are not impeccable as they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now it is upto you to choose the best automation

1) Calabash (For Android and iOS)


  • A wide berth  Community Support.
  • Test statements do not require any special skill as are written in simple english.
  • Supports gestures such as pinch, swipe, rotate, tap.
  • A large community full of zest.
  • This tool works for all the types mobile operating sytem be it  Android or iOS you can use this for testing.


  • Failure at one test step skips all other subsequent test steps. This leads chances of missing out some severe projects
  • Only Ruby is the friendly language

2)  Appium (Android and iOS)


  • Test cases are written in English which is the lingua -franca and this makes the  process quite easy.
  • You get to access  Symbiote which is a runtime inspection tool
  • You get to have an active community support.
  •  Its library expands continuously.


  •     Support limited gestures.
  •    Difficult to do tests on various devices.
  •    Modification to configuration file is required to run on real devices.
  •    Recording feature is not present

3) Appium (Android and iOS)


  • Mulitlingual support.
  •  Source code access is not required
  •  Script development can be done for even cross platform
  •  Large berth of development community for support
  •  Script recording is supported on Mac
  •  Identifiers can be extracted  via Appium Server application’s ‘Inspector’ tool.
  •  Appium Server provides In built support for ‘Selendroid’ desktop application.
  •   Makes use of the vendor provided framework: UIAutomator , UIAutomation  for iOS  and Selendroid for android version 4.2+ and 2.3+ an so on.
  • It gives supports to physical devices such as Emulators.
  • You can go for  hybrid ,  native as well as autmation of  mobile web application .


  • Releases for  Appium Server desktop application was unstable.
  • Script recording is not for Application server  application made for Windows OS desktop.

4) Robotium (Android)


  •     Test scripts can be written easily within a minimal time.
  •    Pre-installed apps can also be automated.
  •    Automatica follow for the current activity.
  •    Robust and smoother test execution when compared with Appium  becasue of  GUI components are binded with them in the run time.
  •     Has the ability to access to code or knowing implementation of app.
  •    Support for Activities,  Toasts, Dialogs, Context Menus, Menus, and several other controls in Android SDK .


  •    Do not have the ability to handle web or flash components
  •   You need to hire Java developers which are rare to find
  •   Do not render performance on old devices.

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