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How to Hide Whatsapp Photos and Videos from Gallery

Although whatsapp is a messaging service, we use it for things more than that. We share photos, videos and audio on whatsapp and all that shows up in our phone's gallery and music player. And let's face it! Most of the pictures and videos that we receive on whatsapp aren't really the types we would prefer to have on our phone's Gallery.

You know, people does send a 'Good morning' image everyday.
And c'mon(come on), you don't want 'Good morning' images and other images that are good to see for only one time to show up in your Gallery!

So deleting those images and videos is one option to get rid of them from your Gallery.
But since that would be time consuming and hence not worth the effort, a better solution would be to stop whatsapp photos and videos from showing up in your phone's gallery.

How to Remove Whatsapp Photos and Videos from Gallery

To block whatsapp media items from appearing in Gallery we'll create .nomedia file in the whatsapp directory on your phone.

What's a .nomedia file?

A .nomedia file on Android is used to restrict apps from accessing media files present in a folder.
When a folder has .nomedia file present inside it, Gallery and other similar apps would disregard the contents of that folder and hence not index them.

So if we create a .nomedia file inside the whatsapp directory, the Gallery on your phone would then disregard the photos and videos that you receive from Whatsapp and hence won't show them.

If you need help with creating the .nomedia file, check out the steps below:

  • Download and install a file manager app on your phone.
  • Open the WhatsApp folder on your phone using the file manager app
  • Now create a new file inside the Whatsapp folder and name it .nomedia
  • Open the Gallery app. Your Whatsapp photos and videos should not show up in Gallery now.

If you want to revert back or show again in gallery  : 
Just delete the .nomedia file from whatsapp folder which you created at the time of hiding then content.

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