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5 Tips to Speed Up WordPress Website

Web users are normally very impatient and do not like to wait too long for a website to load. As discussed, a huge number of options available can be the biggest reason for this. Furthermore, web users are often goal-oriented, which means they access the internet particularly when they are looking for something.

Besides this, a website’s overall performance also directly affects search engine rankings. Google has currently proclaimed that website speed is now considers as one of the most important aspects of figuring out a search engine ranking of website. That is the reason, why we should hire an expert WordPress Development Company to build our website. So, that we can get a fully optimize website.

Today, we are here to share some important factors to improving your website’ speed and performance.

1. Choose a faster web hosting service

The web hosting service that you are choosing has a lot to do with your website’s performance. As a matter of fact, dynamic websites particularly created in Content Management System rely on the server to process MySQL instructions and HTTP requests. As longer your server takes to answer, the longer your users will have to wait for your website to load.

2. Use a speed test tool

Before you start optimizing your WordPress website for speed and performance, it is constantly better to check the current speed of your website to know how much improvement does your website need. After all, you need the benchmarking value to compare to once you optimize your website.

3. Use a powerful caching plugin

As many people say that if you are running a WordPress website, you should use a caching plugin. Because of these caching plugins, your website’s speed and performance get improve in no time. A caching plugin comes with a wide variety of advanced features, from minification of your CSS, JavaScript and HTML files to compressing few other files. Best of all, these plugins are usually free to install and use.

4. Delete unnecessary plugins, widgets, and themes

There are times when we install various plugins and themes to test them on our site and see if they are suitable or not but often forget about them later. Unnecessary plugins and themes increases the load on your server, which consequently makes your website slow. Deleting such plugins, widgets and themes from your database clear up a lot of space in your database and also reduces your server load time.

5. Optimize your images

Nearly every website uses images. And if you are running a WordPress blog, you probably deal with hundreds of images on a daily basis. Images play a crucial role in user engagement since web users tend to scan information through images and text. Therefore, you need to optimize your images and compress them to maintain the balance between your content’s quality and website load time.

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