Search A2Z 24

Satz24 TEAM

A idea which represent our thoughts.

Aggressive problem-solver dedicated to producing results.
Search A2Z Team has been a developer team for over 2 years – most of us in leadership roles. We are adept at wearing many hats and managing complicated workflows efficiently.


  • We are a software developer team.
  • We like to spand time on computer for googling.
  • We work according to our group plan with some arguments.
  • Our team is new but have more experience then other experiences people.
  • We don't believe in destiny reason we have destiny in our own hand.
  • We like to share thought,that's why we all are represent us as Search A2Z 24.
  • We believe in practical, real views and result.
If you want to know more about us click here to contact us.

Skill Set

  • PHP 90%

  • MySQL 90%

  • HTML 90%

  • CSS 85%

  • Javascript 75%

  • jQuery 85%

  • HTML5 85%

  • CSS3 75%

  • Magento 70%

  • Responsive Web Design 80%

  • Zend Framework 65%

  • Smarty 55%

  • Photoshop 65%

Level of skill (measured in awesome)

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